Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just something I found!!!

Faith's Struggleby Sarah E. HaringaHurdles are getting higher, God,losing sight of who you are.Going through the motions now,each day like the one before...Every hour is a test of patience,each minute a test of strength.Lord, how much longer must I wait?Right now it seems you’re late..."All in his time," so people say,and while I know those words are true,with the way things are going, God,I’ve lost the comfort in that, too...My hope is being shattered,burdens press me to the ground.My once-strong faith is wavering,like Peter I’m sinking down...I’m sailing a sea called Lonesometo an island named Despair.My ship has blown off course,black clouds looming in the air...Lightning fills the darkened sky,and it feels like I’ve been hit.But when I ask, "Why Lord?"you simply say, "Don’t quit..."Oh God, I’m your child!Please listen to my cry.However long it takes,I’ll wait for your reply...But if I have to wait much longer,then you must give me patience.If I am supposed to trust,then you must give me faith...Your answers mean so much to me;it’s your will I’m striving for.All I want is a glimpse of home,to rest at last upon your shore...Is this what they mean by"Leap of Faith"?When your feet can’t touch the bottomand land seems so far away?I want to reach out to youdespite my present fears.Draw me closer to you now, God,and wash away my tears...I will rest tomorrow,your love is all I know.But in the storms of life, Lord,please hold my hand and don’t let go...


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