Friday, August 25, 2006

I thought I would UPDATE you all about Jason..

Things are not going to well..The blood clots are moving and they are getting bigger..The one they are really watching is the one in his thigh..He is still taking blood thinners 3 shots aday..He goes in Monday for a poceedure, They are going to scrap his veins and I will keep you all posted on how that goes..
On the brighter side I have to give you a littel funny..The proceedure my Honey is having on Monday they told him he has to shave his chest and both legs well my boys were watching and you might be guessing where this is going..Well Michael was in the bath tube last night and it was awful quit and I walked in there and he was holding his chest and he told me it was hurting..So he got out and I looked and he cut his chest with a razer Well actually he cut his man boob..LOL He also shaved his arms..Boys what am I going to do with them..
Please keep us in your prayers...Thank you all..

Have a BLESSED day!!!!


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