Monday, August 03, 2009

~~Hey all update on us~~

Things are going pretty good for our family..Still praying for meetings for my husband and I am so Thankful for the ones that he has had..God has really BLESSED us and has taken good care of us. Kids are done with school and the first year of homeschool was so much fun and I am excited about next year. We are not doing the same material as last year, we are going with ACE this year. JJ is finally out of his cast and into a brace and there is still a long process with him. He has a full body MRI on the 12th of this month at the Mayo Clinic and when that is done I will update.
Well I hope you all have a BLESSED week..



At Friday, 04 September, 2009 , Blogger Theresa's Notes said...

New and Private Blog/A Note From Theresa

I've had a person coming over to my blog and take what I said and posted it on her blog and said nothing but ugly things about it. And say ugly things about the people I love.

I don't want this person doing this again so I am making a new blog with a private invite to it.

please send me emails so I can invite you in. Thank you, to all my good friends. send me your name and email address to my email. Thank you

P.S this blog will not be used any more and deleted soon.

Time is running out, This blog will be deleted Monday Morning, so please send me an email if you want to follow my private blog.


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