Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is what JJ calls a brain fart!!! LOL

This is the knot after JJ jumps on a shovel..Front
Side view
Other side..
He said he ran and jumped on the shovel part and the handle hit is forhead..He has a good size knot on his head..



At Monday, 19 March, 2007 , Blogger Jodi said...

Ouch! There's just something about boys and forehead knots! I guess if you can't show it off (to the whole world!) it's just not worth having a wound - lol! :o)

P.S. Tell JJ I hope his 'noggin feels better soon!

At Tuesday, 20 March, 2007 , Blogger Sis. Julie said...

Ouch is right!! Poor thing. I don't think (if I were him) that I'd go jumping on anymore shovels unless he can keep his head out of the way LOL!

At Tuesday, 20 March, 2007 , Blogger Michelle said...

LOL..You are right..He told me that Michael had done it first and he was fast at moving then he was..LOL


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