Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~~I am sorry for not blogging~~

We started back to school on the 8th and for being a 1st time homeschooling mom it was a hard 1st week and I was about to give up but I think it is getting better..We are using Alpha Omega and it seems to be pretty good..I am working with another mother that is in my church and she is really helping me..We have a great classroom and I will be taking some pictures this afternoon.
Our meeting have been really slow and please keep us in your prayers..We have lost 2 meeting so far and that really hurt us financially..But God has really provided for us.We have a meeting this Sunday in Mi. and also please pray for our van sure has been acting up.
JJ has a doctor apt. tomorrow and praying things will be looking up for him.He still is non weight baring but he has not obeyed that..LOL but he is a hard boy to keep still..
Well I have been thinking of all my blogger buddies and you all have been in my heart..I pray all is well with you..



At Tuesday, 16 September, 2008 , Blogger Kerri said...

God bless you! You've been in my thoughts. Praying for you!!

At Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 , Blogger CONNIE'S THOUGHTS FROM THE HEART said...

I felt just like you the first week that I homeschooled my daughter but believe me it get much much easier. Just take it easy and relax and all will get done. No matter what they learn more good things at home than they do in the public schools that is being proven more year by year.

You will stay in my prayers. You are doing just fine. I am glad you have a friend to help and encourage you. connie


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