Monday, April 17, 2006

Here comes the Deployment...

I am feeling a little selfish..But I am not wanting my Dh to go..But I have no say so,,The Army tells him he has to go..He will be going to Afganistan(sp)..They say he will be gone for 6mon. to a yr..I will be staying in Va while he is gone the last time he left I went home to live with my parents and I am going to try to not do that..I know if Rina is still in Nc I am sure going to try to go see her and also I think I am going to try to go see my other friend Mary Sherman.To keep busy I will be taking trips..LOL when the kids are out of school..
Well the 1st day of spring break it brought rain..My kids are not happy campers..LOL but I have been putting them to work in there rooms..But they are done and they are relaxing right know..
I am praying you all have a wonderful day...


At Monday, 17 April, 2006 , Blogger The McCormack Family said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jason is having to go now... I will be coming and visiting you too. You all are more then welcome to come see us as well. I will be praying about this situation.. Take care and we send our love.

At Monday, 24 April, 2006 , Anonymous janie said...

I am so sorry! My dh has been gone for 14 months is hard. I will pray that somehow yours doesn't have to go???? Or is it a sure thing?


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