Friday, October 20, 2006

A Big THANKS for the kind words..

Thank you to all who gave me the kind words..I will not deleat my blog and I will continue to write and post recipes..
I am going to get a hair cut this weekend and I am so happy..My hair is getting to long..We are also going to a horse ranch to see how they tame wlid horses and the kids will get to ride some tame horses and they are so excited.. I have started to babysit a few kids, 1 is a year old and I have a 2yr old and a 5yr old but the 5yr old I will only have before and after school..The money will come in handy for me to get things for the house and the kids..
Well I need to get some dinner started and I will post more later..

Have a BLESSED day!!!


At Saturday, 21 October, 2006 , Anonymous Janie said...

So glad you aren't going to delete your blog!!! How did the horse riding go? Was the weather up there cooperative or is it still unseasonably cold?

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006 , Blogger Michelle Hill said...

We are going to the horse ranch tomorrow after church..There is a chance of rain but praying it wont..

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006 , Blogger Ornaments of Grace said...

Hey! YAY for you on not deleting the blog..I bet you would miss it :-)

Post pics of your hair cut too!!

At Thursday, 26 October, 2006 , Blogger Sis. Julie said...

I'm glad to hear that you changed your mind about deleting your blog. I know I haven't posted comments lately...there has been much going on. But I'm still stopping by regularly. Love you!!


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