Thursday, September 28, 2006

7 Secrets Of a Confident Women..

1) A Confident Woman Knows She is Loved. Be rooted in God Have strong roots, no matter how hard you are shaken your roots hold strong. Take a step out of your boat of insecurity and say, "God loves Me."

2) A Confident Woman Refuses to Live in Fear. Hebrews 10:38 Don't let fear rule your life.

3) A Confident Woman Has a Positive Attitude. Being positive is a choice, not a Feeling! You have the power to be happy. A negative attitude makes you mean, not confident. You have to decide to change your attitude. You can be pitiful or powerful but not both. Today I begin again. I dare you to be positive!

4) A Confident Woman Refuses to be Defeated! Stop listening to what everyone else says. Do not be afraid to do what is in your heart (spirit).

5) A Confident Woman Avoids Comparisons--(Apply EVERYWHERE) All you get is misery if you keep trying to be something you're not. God has something for you.

6) A Confident Woman Takes Action... Agressive is NOT Possitive. We do not need to be masculine to be confident.

7) A Confident Woman Does Not Live in "If Only" or "What If". God is there for us. We need to move forward and not wish the past was different. Life is our biggest educator. If we wish things were different in the past, instead of dwelling on that, we need to not make the same mistakes. Learn from our past and move on.


At Thursday, 28 September, 2006 , Blogger Jammy said...

Yes, I have issues with the "fear" componet, but working on it! :)


At Sunday, 01 October, 2006 , Blogger mouse said...

I love what you had to say about a confident woman. Great post!!


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