Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another trip to the Er..

But this time it was for me..It started on Tues evening around 6pm a very sharp pain in my right side that was so bad I doubled over and couldn't walk so Jason called the advise nurse and she said it sounded like I was contipated..LOL but I didn't go for that because all night it had gooten worse and then on Wed I got the kids ready for school and about 11 it hit me again and this time Jason took me to the Er and they said it could be either my Appendix's or Kidney stones so they ran some tests and it was not my Appendixs but I have a really bad Kidney infection and then I has Infintigo on my lips..I think my body is so tired and worn down that it all hit me at once..As of right know I am still in alot of pain but I am hoping to get to feeling better by tomorrow..



At Thursday, 08 February, 2007 , Blogger Jodi said...

Michelle, bless your heart! I use to work with a lady that got this rather often. Rest, rest, rest and drink lots of water or cranberry juice! Take care of yourself - praying for a quick recovery for you!

At Friday, 09 February, 2007 , Blogger Sarah Joy said...

Oh ouch! I remember how my husband was in so much pain with his kidney stones. Take care, and I'll be praying!


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