Saturday, February 03, 2007

"You Are Not Alone"

When you need a parent, He is your Father
When you need a sibling, He is your brother
When you need a spouse, He is your husband
When you need a friend, He calls you friend
When you need restoration, He is your Master Builder
When your heart is broken, He is Your comforter
When you have no place to run, He is Your refuge
When you need healing, He is your Great Physician
When you are thirsty, He is your living waters
When you are in lack, He is your provision
When you are lonely, He is your companion
When everything seems dark, He is THE LIGHT
When you feel unworthy, He is Your WORTHINESS
When you are afraid, He is Your strength and courage
When you wake up and when you lies down, He is there
When you have questions, He is Your Answer
When you need grace in your time of need, He is the open door to the throne room
When you need new clothes, He covers you with robes of righteousness
When you need a gift, He is your greatest gift
When you are hurting, He is the healer of broken hearts
When life is in pieces, He is Your Peace
When you are lost, He is the Director of your soul
God loves you, and no matter what you situation is , you are never alone. He is always with you.



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