Sunday, February 18, 2007

~~~Firmly Planted~~~

Lord, make me like the tree
that stands in my backyard.
It questions not its purpose
Though the rains are hard.
Lord, I want to be that tree
When the winds blow fiercely away
How it stands so firmly
While the branches gently sway.

Lord, could I ever be that tree?
With its roots stretched far and deep
Seeking only something good
For its life to keep.

Lord, I'll try to be that tree
Who does not toil or spin
Yet You trim its branches
And make it new again.

Perhaps you too can be a tree
One firmly rooted in the ground
One who always remains the same
No matter who is around.

A tree is such a simple thing
Depending wholly on its care
From the master gardener
Who picked its place with care.

We too are like the trees
Put just where we belong
By the God who made this earth
And is He ever wrong?

Learn a lesson from the tree
And see what to you it will bring
For once a year they shed the old
Because they look forward to spring.

Be a springtime blossom
As on a flowering tree
The old is gone, the new is here

If you choose to let it be.



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