Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Help anybody!!!!!

My Dd Aubrey was told she was fat about a week ago and I just found out about it..She is not eating very much and I have noticed that..She will take 2 bits of breakfest and she is not eat lunch at school (just got off the phone with her teacher) and not eating alot at dinner..Not sure how to handle this..Any Ideas..Have any of your girlls gone thru this..


At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 , Blogger Sis. Julie said...

My 15 yr. old daughter Michelle went through this up till a few weeks ago. Her uncle said her sister was fat and she thought since Kris was supposed to be fat and she isn't much smaller than Kris that she must be fat too and she didn't want to gain ANY more weight. So she started eating VERY LITTLE. She got down to 106 lbs. She is 5'5" and too tall to get that small. Her pediatrician was even concerned and told her to gain weight. It took alot of encouragement on our part and sharing with others what she was going through so they could encourage her too. It also took alot of prayer by us and others in our church. She has come out of it now and has gained weight and is doing much better. Just pray Sister and I'll be praying too. I know the concern you have for her and I can definitely relate. How old is she?

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 , Blogger Michelle Hill said...

She is only 8..I think she will not talk to me because I am her mother..I wish she could just talk to someone else.And she should nto be think about how fat she is..I have been in deep prayer about this..Thank you so much for your prayers..

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 , Blogger Sis. Julie said...

Wow...that is young to go through what she is going through. Children are so cruel to one another. Just hang in there and trust God's promises on her behalf. If there is anything else I can do please let me know. I love you Sis!!

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 , Blogger Ornaments of Grace said...

Oh my goodness...bless her heart. I haven't gone through this yet, but I will be praying for you.

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 , Blogger The McCormack Family said...

OH my word that is so upsetting to hear... I believe if she continues to have the problem that maybe home schooling would be the best bet Michelle... Alex will go to school up to the 3rd or 4th grade and then I will home school him from that point on. I will be praying for her a ton today. Let me know if you need any help..

At Thursday, 04 May, 2006 , Blogger Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Sis. Michelle,
I went through that when I was almost 16. I went down to about 108 lbs and I am 5'6 now ( I probably wasn't much shorter than that ).
Momma was concerned about me and told me to stop losing weight or she was going to take me to a Dr. I listened to her and did start eating more.
So many girls are under that pressure today. Just remind her that the Lord made her just the way He wanted her to be!


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