Tuesday, September 05, 2006

They are off!!!!

The first day of school begins and I have to say we got off to a great start..Kids got up with no problems and they were so excited to get to school but this is the 1st week we will see how it goes next month..LOL
I am babysitting so that breaks up my day and I am still able to get alot of work done..I will also be able to get the kids room cleared out without them wanting to keep everything I throw out..LOL

Will post more later...

Have a wonderful day!!!


At Thursday, 07 September, 2006 , Anonymous Lula said...

Are your children in regular public school or privately schooled? I am glad they were up easily for you...I know Noah gives me a run for my money every day asking to sleep a little while longer :-) Of course sometimes I let him since I am the teacher :-)

Hope all in well in the Hill household!


At Thursday, 07 September, 2006 , Blogger Jammy said...

Mine were so excited to start as well! Beats the days when they didn't want to get up. :)


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