Monday, April 30, 2007

~~Give Me Your Light~~~

Dear Heavenly Father reigning up above,
Show the light to this one You love.
Teach me to pass it to all that I meet,
Whether family, friends or strangers on the street.

Show me mercy, show me grace.

Show me Your love that puts a smile on my face.
Give me comfort, give me Your care,
That I may know You'll always be there.

Teach me to share You with all that I meet.
Teach me to really think - before I speak.
Fill me with Your spirit - may it shine from within,
So where ere I go, Your light would extend.

Allow me to comfort, allow me to care.
Allow all to see You shining in there.
Grant me the knowledge to know what to do,
To behave in a way always pleasing to You.

Just stay my tongue when I shouldn't speak.
Teach me when to be silent, when to be meek.

By the same token, when I need to be bold,
Give me the words You desire to be told.

Use me dear Lord, in all that I do,
That through my actions - the world will see You.
Uses this willing servant for all of my days,

To help other people learn to live in your ways.

So give me Your light, let it shine from within.
That's the best place I know for love to begin.
Make me an example for the whole world to see,
The wonders that come from living for Thee!



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