Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hey All!!!

I am sorry i am not blogging much but my computer is still down and I am using my hubbies and we have to do dial up and it is the pits..I am still hoping and praying to get it back up and running on Monday..
I think i am back on track with my weight loss..Since the 2nd of jan I have lost 17lbs and I am so excited and I am feeling alot better about myself..We have alot of apt. coming up..Dentist and eye apt.
We had a litle snow the other day and the kids loved it but it never stayed and they were like Awww..We wanted to play in it..It has been so clod these last few days i just wanted to stay in and keep warm..
JJ will be tested soon to go into a Special education class and I think it is the best thing for him..He is really struggling in the class he is in know and i don't want that for him..
well I better run have to clean..Have a BLESSED day!!!



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