Friday, June 27, 2008

~~Aubrey"s new look for the day~~~

My neice Carrie did her hair and I thought it looked so pretty I thought I would share with you all..She has grown up so much and becoming a very beautiful young lady..


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~~Fun @ Lake Michigan~~

The kids in the water..Brrr cold..LOL
Yep..JJ was there to..Cast in all
Michael in the water..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~~JJ's Surgry~~

He had his surgry on monday the 16th and he went thru it very well..They had to shave the bone that was broken and then do some graphting and put screws on each side..He was in alot of pain and I think we got it under control.He spent just 1 night in the hospital and he came home Tues. He is doing pretty good..He has another apt. on the 23rd to see how he is doing.Please continue to be praying..Thank you all


Monday, June 09, 2008

~~Just wanted to let you all know~~

That the doctors called today and they changed JJ's surgry and they are doing ti June 16th at 1:30pm. I will keep you all posted on how it went..Please keep us in your prayers..


Friday, June 06, 2008

~~Our Itinerary~~

June 8th
Lighthouse Baptist Church in Racine,Wis. Pastor Dingman

July 13-16th
Open Boor Baptist Church in Sault Ste. Marie,Mi
Pastor Moses

Aug. 18-22 Camp Chetek in Wis
Family Camp

Sept. 14-16th First Baptist Church in Granton New York
Revival for America Confrence Pastor Stout

Oct. 5th Pastor Cole in Demone Iowa
Old Fashion Sunday

**Please pray for the meetings**


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

~~Another Surgry for JJ~~

It is scheduled to be in 2wks. And this is the bone that the little girl broke at school..They will be doing a bone graph and then put screws on each side of his bone. And this is the Fibula and it is a 2 1/2 hr surgry and he will be in the hospital for 3 days.. Please be in prayer for him and Us..I will keep you all posted on how the surgry went and how he is doing..

Well his surgry date is June 23rd at 7:30 in the morning.And we have to be there at 6:30 am..Please keep us in your prayers..

Have a BLESSED day!!!