Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~~Before and After surgry

This is before he went down and Jason was able to stay with him until he went to sleep
This is JJ after getting out of surgry..He is in so much pain


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~~JJ in Rochester,Mn~~

We have been coming up to the Mayo Clinic since sometime in Jan. Well JJ had to have another surgry to fix and repair his (R) leg from the surgry he had back in June. They had to do alot of work on it and we have been up in Mn since the 20th and we are hoping he will be released either on Fri or Sat. Please keep him in your prayers because he is in alot of pain and he has an allergic reaction to the med's he was given and he is very itchy. Please keep Jason and I as we stay with him and that we can get some sleep and stay calm and relaxed for him. Thank you all..


Saturday, January 10, 2009

~~JJ's apt. at Mayo Clinic on the 9th~~

His fist apt was at 8:15 and that was with the Orthopedic doc and they are going to have to do another surgry on his leg. They have to repair the damage that the other Orth. Doc did.From the surgry that Childrens did we were told that his bone just kind of dissolved around that steele plate that they put in and they will have to take that out clean it out and take a bone from his hip again and try to put another rod in and that is what they shoud have done the 1st time.His surgry is the 20th and he will be released from the hospital on the 24th. Then he had an eye apt and they did fine a very little turmor on his right eye and they are keeping an eye on that. Then it was the Nerologist and they did detect seizure activity and they are doing and EEG and then a sleep study on his and that will be done on the 19th. He also have to have an MRI done. His recovery time will be about 6mon. Please continue to be praying for him and for us..