Friday, March 13, 2009

~~Prayers for JJ~~

As some of you know we have been traveling up to Mayo Clinic for treatment for JJ..He had a surgry back in June of last year here in Wis. and the doctor that did it performed the surgry wrong and his leg never healed and his bone just desolved and we were recommended to give Mayo Clinic a call and we did and got an Apt and he had his first on in Jan of this year and sure enough they had to do another surgry to prayer the damage that had been done. He had the surgry on the 20th of Jan and he had his 6wks post op on the 5th of March and his Ortho Doc was please how it looked and heealing. She said we are not out of the woods yet and we have to go back on the 2nd of April. He also had and MRI and they detected a UBO ( unidentified Bright Object on the (R) side of his brain and we will talk to his Nero doc on the 2nd on what they will do. But they have put him on seizure meds. Please continue to be praying for him because of the stress of wanting to be a normal kid is getting to him and it is affecting him around here and at school. Please continue to be praying for Jason and I and Aubrey and Michael.