Tuesday, July 31, 2007

~~Hey all~~~

I found out yesterday that the base army lodge has high speed internet so I took my computer with me..We will be here until the 4th and then we are off to Wis..

Well I need to get back to the house and clean..Have a great day!!!!


Monday, July 30, 2007

~~To my blogger buddies~~~

The day has come for the movers to pack our house..I will be off line for a while and when I get to my mothers I will check in..Take care all

Saturday, July 28, 2007

~~JJ's Cake~~

This is JJ's birthday cake..

Singing "Happy Birthday"


Friday, July 27, 2007

~~Happy Birthday~~~

To my handsome man..He turns 9 today!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

~~Someday With Jesus~~

Someday I'll meet with Jesus
I'll see Him face to face
With outstretched arms I'll run to Him
And cling to His embrace.

Someday I'll walk with Jesus

I'll stay close by His side
With humble heart I'll follow Him
And through the clouds we'll stride.

Someday I'll talk with Jesus

I'll tell Him everything
With reverence I'll listen
And to His word I'll cling.

Someday I'll dine with Jesus

I'll sup with our great Lord
With humble heart I'll eat the bread
And drink the wine that's poured.

Someday I'll sing with Jesus

I'll be His finest guest
With my voice I'll lift Him up
And offer Him my best.

Someday I'll fly with Jesus

I'll soar with my great King
Oh! The grandeur of it all
The day I get my wings.


Monday, July 23, 2007

~~Just wanted to post some funny pictures~~

Aubrey in my mom's hallway in 2003
JJ helping my mom taring down the walls
Michael ready to help..


Thursday, July 19, 2007

~~Pool Time~~

Don't you like our pool..LOL Even though it is small the kids are having fun


~~I'll Trust in you~~

Maker of this heart of mine,
you know me very well ..
You understand my deepest thought,
more than I know myself .

So when I face the darkness,
when I need to find my way ..
I trust in you, shepherd of my heart ..

Keeper of this heart of mine,
your patience has no end ..
You've loved back into your arms,
time and time again .

So if I start to wander,
like the lamb that goes astray ..
I'll trust in you,
shepherd of my heart .

You're the beacon of my night,
you're the sunlight of my days .
I can rest within your arms,
I can know your loving ways ...

So let the cold winds blow and
let the storm range all around ..
I trust in you, shepherd of my heart .


Monday, July 16, 2007

~~Where Am I Going~~

Here I am again.. In my bed alone with those same tears running down my face. Man, how am I feeling? I dont even know myself. Empty. Is that It? Afraid? Even angry? Everything I have been, and hoped to be has been turned up side down.. the last few years have been almost overwhelming at points... I'm at this point in my life where I have two roads I can Pick..One that I have always been prone to go down because I am me..the me I struggle with. Then there is the Other road.. the One I was Branded with..the One my heart knows. I'm here at the crossroads, unable to see through the tears, trying to find my way. Everytime I think I am strong the wind is hit out of me, and here I am trying to find my breath. finally I start to breath again but there it is!... what to do.. what to do.. I'm not sure,but know that I have to make changes for ME..for my family. I'm finally going to break free of a life that has been living in the moment. ..so where Am I going? Maybe On a night like tonight.. in the still of the night I will figure it out.. Everything that has been is over, and maybe this is Gods way of telling me this chapter in my life is finished. Make a new start..beyond preconceptions ..just go with my heart. I know for ONCE in my life that I am taking on the pain and not blaming it On GOD. This is HUGE for me,and maybe this is what I needed..HE is THE forced to be recond with , for once in my life, to draw to him. This is not his doing, but the lack of trust in him that has brought me to this place..I know his heart is greaving with me..Maybe this is why I feel so intuned to him. So the time is here.. My now..It's here..where AM I going?


Sunday, July 15, 2007

~~We had hair day~~

Matching shirts..

Aubrey and Carissa and there new hair do's..They both wanted me to color there hair and don't they look cute..I also colored my hair and I will take a picture of mine tomorrow..


Thursday, July 12, 2007

~~Our New Family Fun~~~

Aubrey was the first to slide down
JJ on his way down
Micheal is ready!!!


~~Things are on the role~~

This morning we has the moving company come by and look to see what they are packing..Each moving company is so different in what they can and can't move. But they should be her around the 25th.
They are already turning our services off, as you all know I am on dial up so it takes along time to post and I am sorry..My phone has been turned off and if anybody wants to reach me they can call.. My hubbies cell 757-696-6635 after 7pm but mine you can call anytime 757-952-7876.
Well I need to run for know but will be keeping you all posted..Wishing you all a wonderful day..


Saturday, July 07, 2007

~~To my blogger buddies~~~

I want to Thank you for all praying for JJ..He is doing alot better and he has an Apt next week with his Nerologist. Things have been crazy around here..Jason got another off for his Med. Board and he took that and we have until the end of this month to clear housing and then we are off the 6th of Aug. All my service have been cut off and I am back on dial up si I can only get on the computer at night..Please pray for us as we embark a new life. Thank you all again for praying